Enabling shell access for Active Directory users via SSH to vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)

I had a question the other day on whether it was possible to enable shell access for Active Directory users when logging into the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) via SSH? The answer is yes and though this is documented here, it is not very clear whether this is only applicable to SSO-based users only. In any case, […]

All replicated Platform Services Controller should be joined to Active Directory

Last week a colleague of mines was setting up a new vSphere 6.0 environment which contained a vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller (PSC) for our Management vSphere Cluster and another vCenter Server also with an external PSC for our Compute vSphere Cluster. The PSC’s were configured to replicate with each other which […]

Easily automate ESXi 6.0 Active Directory join using domainjoin-cli

A nice little enhancement that I recently came across in ESXi 6.0 is the inclusion of the Likewise utility called domainjoin-cli which allows you to join a system to an Active Directory Domain. Previously, if you wanted to automate the process of joining an ESXi host to an Active Directory Domain, you had to either […]

Automating Active Directory Identity Source & Default Domain in vSphere Web Client

Over the holiday break I learned about two awesome tidbits from my buddies Blair Fritz and Frank Buechsel who both work over in our GSS Organization. The first tidbit came from Blair who recently shared a newly published VMware KB 2063424 that provides both a Windows and Linux script to automate the setup of your […]

How to Add/Remove vCenter SSO Identity Sources Using the Command-Line for Windows vCenter Server & VCSA

The new vCenter SSO (Single Sign-On) in vSphere 5.1 can support multiple Identity Sources (Active Directory, OpenLDAP and Local OS) and these configurations can all be managed by using the vSphere Web Client. Here are some additional documentation as well as a video on how to managing Identity Sources using the vSphere Web Client. However, […]