How to run a script from a vCenter Alarm action in the VCSA?

As more and more customers transition from the vCenter Server for Windows to the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA), a question that I get from time to time is how do I run a script using a vCenter Alarm from the VCSA? Traditionally, customers would create and run Windows specific scripts such as a simple batch script or a […]

How to automatically log all VM configuration changes using a vCenter Server Alarm?

If you followed my previous blog post on How to audit VM reconfigurations and see what exactly changed, you may have concluded that historical VM configuration events may potentially be unavailable by the time you need to perform an audit. The reason for this is that the VM Events tables may have rotated out depending on the retention policy of your vCenter Server […]

Detecting duplicate VM MAC Address using vCenter Server Alarm

Having a duplicate VM MAC Address in your environment can lead to an extremely painful day of troubleshooting and it can also be tough to prevent depending on how and where you provision your VMs. There are two cases that I can think of where a duplicate MAC Address can potentially occur: You manually assign […]