ESXi Learnswitch – Enhancement to the ESXi MAC Learn DvFilter

The ESXi MAC Learn dvFilter Fling was released a little over two years ago and it has become a must have when it comes to running our ESXi Hypervisor within a VM, also referred to as Nested ESXi. The reason this Fling has become such a popular hit amongst our customers and partners is that […]

Quick Tip - How to retrieve the ESXi Update Level using the vSphere API?

Using the vSphere API, it is very easy to extract the version and build of all your ESXi hosts. This information is exposed in the Product property of an ESXi host. For example, Product.Version will return something like 6.0.0 and Product.Build will return something like 3029758. However, one thing that is not available in this property is […]

Using the vSphere API to remotely collect ESXi esxcfg-info

Using the same technique as I have described here, you can now also use the vSphere API to connect to vCenter Server to remotely collect esxcfg-info from ESXi hosts without having to SSH’ing to each and every single host. Historically, the esxcfg-* commands were only available in the classic ESX Service Console (COS) and the ESXi Shell. As part […]

Using the vSphere API to remotely generate ESXi performance support bundles

This is a follow-up post from my previous article on how to run a script using a vCenter Alarm action in the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). What I had demonstrated was using a pyvmomi (vSphere SDK for Python) script to be triggered automatically to generate a VMware Support Bundle for all ESXi hosts for a given […]