5 ways to a run PowerCLI script using the PowerCLI Docker Container

In case you missed the exciting update last week, the PowerCLI Core Docker Container is now hosted on Docker Hub. With just two simple commands you can now quickly spin up a PowerCLI environment in under a minute! This is really useful if you need perform a couple of operations using the cmdlets interactively and then discarding the environment once you […]

VMware PowerCLI for Mac OS X, Linux & More? Yes, please!

There were a several announcements at last weeks VMworld US Conference, but one of the most exciting piece of news in my opinion was from Alan Renouf, Product Manager for all things API/SDK/CLI at VMware. During Alan’s What’s New PowerCLI session, he announced that PowerCLI is finally coming to both Mac OS X as well as Linux! As you can imagine, the […]

How to automate vSphere MOB operations using PowerShell?

A couple of weeks back I was investigating something that involved the use of the vSphere Managed Object Browser (MOB) and I needed to automate a particular operation. For those of you not familiar with the vSphere MOB, it is a UI debugging tool that allows you to visualize and invoke vSphere APIs using just a web browser. The vSphere MOB is available […]

Automating vRealize Automation 7 Minimal Install: Part 3 - vRA Appliance Configuration

In Part 3 of this blog series, we will now move onto configuring the vRA Appliance which includes setting up the VMware Identity Manager (Horizon SSO). There are two mandatory variables that you will need to edit prior to executing the configurevRA-Appliance.sh shell script. In addition, there are few optional variables that you can also configure which includes specifying a […]

Automating vRealize Automation 7 Minimal Install: Part 2 - vRA IaaS Agent Deployment

In Part 2 of this blog series, we will be looking at automating the installation of the vRA IaaS Management Agent which needs run on a Microsoft Windows system. The IaaS Management Agent installer is provided through the vRA Appliance which you can downloaded by opening a browser to the following URL: https://[VRA_APPLIANCE_HOSTNAME]:5480/installer/download/vCAC-IaaSManagementAgent-Setup.msi When installing the agent, you will need […]