VMworld Hackathon Hardware/Software BOM

I know many of you have been asking about the hardware setup that we had used in this years VMworld Hackathon. I finally got a chance to document the details and you can find the complete hardware and software BOM below. For VMworld US, we had two different HW configurations, one for the primary Hackathon […]

VMworld Hackathon vSphere Client Login UI Theme

For those of you who attended this years VMworld Hackathon (US/Europe), you may have noticed something different when logging into the vSphere Web/H5 Client? In case you missed it or could not attend, here is a GIF demonstrating what you would have saw: via GIPHY No, the VMworld Hackathon environment was not hacked ūüėČ but […]

Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) vs Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM)

In the last few weeks, albeit due to VMworld, I have seen a large number of inquiries from customers regarding¬†the existing vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM)¬†as it compares to the newly announced Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM)¬†feature. In some cases, certain assumptions were being made based on what was initially announced and I think that also […]

Direct playback URLs for all VMworld 2017 US & EU Sessions

This is probably the shortest blog post ever but I have just¬†published the direct playback URLs for all VMworld 2017 US and EU Sessions which can be found by visiting http://vmwa.re/vmworld2017 UPDATE (10/16/2017) – Huge thanks to VMworld Team, they have just posted the PDF decks for the majority of the US/EU sessions on VMworld […]

VMworld Hackathon 2017 Highlights

This was our second year running the Hackathon at VMworld and Alan and I could not have been more pleased with all the¬†positive and supportive feedback that we have received. The Hackathon was definitely a highlight for us as it was for many other VMworld attendees.¬†Having said that, the Hackathon did come in a very […]