VMware PowerCLI for Mac OS X, Linux & More? Yes, please!

There were a several announcements at last weeks VMworld US Conference, but one of the most exciting piece of news in my opinion was from Alan Renouf, Product Manager for all things API/SDK/CLI at VMware. During Alan’s What’s New PowerCLI session, he announced that PowerCLI is finally coming to both Mac OS X as well as Linux! As you can imagine, the […]

How to easily disable vMotion & Cross vCenter vMotion for a particular Virtual Machine?

The question of disabling vMotion for a specific set of Virtual Machine(s) is not a new one. In fact, this topic comes up on some what of a frequent basis and usually driven by arcane change management processes or worse licensing restrictions. Do not get me wrong, there are definitely some valid use cases where you would not want a […]

Test driving ContainerX on VMware vSphere

Over the weekend I was catching up on some of my internet readings, one of which is Timo Sugliani’s excellent weekly Tech Links (highly recommend a follow). In one of his non-VMware related links (which funny enough is related to VMware), I noticed that the recent Container startup ContainerX has just made available a free version of their software for non-production use. […]

VM serial logging to the rescue for capturing Nested ESXi PSOD

I frequently deploy pre-releases of our software to help test and provide early feedback to our Engineering teams. One piece of software that I deploy some what frequently is our ESXi Hypervisor and the best way to deploy it, is of course inside of a Virtual Machine or commonly referred to as Nested ESXi. Most recently while testing a new ESXi build […]

Detecting duplicate VM MAC Address using vCenter Server Alarm

Having a duplicate VM MAC Address in your environment can lead to an extremely painful day of troubleshooting and it can also be tough to prevent depending on how and where you provision your VMs. There are two cases that I can think of where a duplicate MAC Address can potentially occur: You manually assign […]