What is vMA?

  • Here is a video explaining vMA on VMware KBTV

Visit the vMA Home Page:

vMA Forum:

You will find latest Downloads, Reference Documentation and Community Discussions and links to resources.



    Setting up vMA video by David Davis

    Setting up vMA to be a syslog server by Simon Long


    Upgrade vMA:

    How to clone vMA:

    Backup & Restore vMA + vi-fastpass DB:

    Scripts and Tools

    vGhetto Script Repository:

    New tools and scripts to add/manage ESX(i) and vCenter targets on vMA 4.x:

    vMA Compatible Agent/Scripts(Third Party) Community List:

    Health check reports on your VMware environment:

    Taking screenshots of your VM using vMA 4.x:

    Host and VM shutdown with UPS integration using vMA:

    Backup VMs using vMA:

    Utilize vi-fastpass On vMA to run Perl script without clear text password:


    Hot add memory to vMA or other supported Linux guestOSes using vSphere ESX(i) 4.x:

    How to increase/resize vMA Disks:

    Offline patching of vMA 4.x:

    How to install VMware VDDK on vMA:

    Reconfigure networking on vMA:

    vMA & Active Directory:

    Removing stale targets from vMA:

    Enable root account:

    Edit /etc/passwd using vi

    sudo vi /etc/passwd





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