There have been a few articles floating around web regarding the potential features and speculations on when the next version of vSphere will be released. While doing some research on a new article that I am working on, I stumbled onto an interesting VMware website, called VMLiveVMLive is VMware's interactive webinar series designed specifically for their partner community. 

It seems that Australia-New Zealand VMLive channel is getting a head start on next release, which looks to be vSphere 4.1! I'm curious if other regions are getting similar offerings?
Here is a screenshot of the 4 upcoming webinars:

Here is the link, assuming it does not get pulled.

5 thoughts on “Is vSphere 4.1 release really imminent?

  1. “Austria-New Zealand VMLive” or “Australia-New Zealand VMLive”?

    Maybe VMware has found a way to bridge the Europe-South Pacific gap.

Thanks for the comment!