I was contacted awhile back ago by Alain Spineux, about his MKBackup utility and he was in the very early stages of integrating the software with my ghettoVCB script. Per Alain's website:

MKBackup is a free front-end for common backup tools like MS Windows ntbackup, and it successor wbadmin, Un*x tools like tar, but also popular ghettoVCB to backup Virtual Machine on VMware ESX(i) host.

MKBackup is developed in Python and is available for Microsoft Windows, for Linux and other Un*x systems.

MKBackup is driven by a CLI and jobs are defined in an INI file. Its main feature is to send an email report including log files and all hints that could help the user to estimate the real status of the backup.

It looks like Alain has done some more work and the recently released version 0.9.3. You can get a better overview of the tool at his website and there is also a dedicated support forum.

I have personally not used MKBackup, but it could be very useful and compliment ghettoVCB. Not only can you schedule backups on a Windows or UNIX/Linux host using MKBackup, but it also generates backup reports based on the output from ghettoVCB logs. The reports can then be monitored using a soon to be released utility called MagiKmon which can provide email alerts on successful or failed backups.
Here are a few screenshots that Alain has kindly provided with the use of the latest version of ghettoVCB:

One thought on “Magikmon MKBackup for ghettoVCB

  1. I don’t understand what I’m looking at in these screenshots. Are those supposed to be pictures of the GUI itself? Is it some kind of a web interface? I’m new to ESXI and trying to find an easy to understand method to backup virtual machines on a schedule, but looking at the ghettoVCB page my mind shuts down immediately due to information overload. When looking at MKBackup’s site, the GUI isn’t really a gui like in the pictures above, but instead a dos-prompt with yes/no answers to help install and set up scheduling of ghettoVCB. Someone needs to make a good youtube video of all this working together so I can follow it!

Thanks for the comment!

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