Following part1 and part2 of new vSphere 4.1 CLI Utilities, here are some new vimsh commands:

For ESX use /usr/bin/vmware-vim-cmd
For ESXi use /bin/vim-cmd

1. vmsvc/power.suspendResume is used for vMotion and sVMotion tasks before switching over to the new VM.

[[email protected] ~]# vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/power.suspendResume
Insufficient arguments.
Usage: power.suspendResume vmid

Suspend & resume the specified virtual machine.

2. vmsvc/queryftcompat allows you to query a given Virtual Machine to check for Fault Tolerance compatibility.

[[email protected] ~]# vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/queryftcompat
Insufficient arguments.
Usage: queryftcompat vmid

Query FT compatibility for a VM.

3. vimsvc/auth/lockdown_is_enabled allows you to query if the host has the lockdown feature enabled, this is only applicable to ESXi.

~ # vim-cmd vimsvc/auth/lockdown_is_enabled

4. vimsvc/auth/lockdown_is_possible allows you to check if you can put the host into lockdown mode.

~ # vim-cmd vimsvc/auth/lockdown_is_possible

5. vimsvc/auth/lockdown_mode_enter allows you to enter lockdown mode on an ESXi host.

~ # vim-cmd vimsvc/auth/lockdown_mode_enter

6. vimsvc/auth/lockdown_mode_exit allows you to exit lockdown mode on an ESXi host.

~ # vim-cmd vimsvc/auth/lockdown_mode_exit

The next two commands refer to the following services which can also be configured using the vSphere Client:

7. hostsvc/start_local_tsm allows you to enable Local Tech Support Mode on an ESXi host.

~ # vim-cmd hostsvc/start_local_tsm

8. hostsvc/start_remote_tsm  allows you to enable Remote Tech Support Mode (SSH access) on an ESXi host.

~ # vim-cmd hostsvc/start_remote_tsm

9. hostsvc/stop_local_tsm allows you to disable Local Tech Support Mode on an ESXi host.

~ # vim-cmd hostsvc/stop_local_tsm

10. hostsvc/stop_remote_tsm allows you to disable Remote Tech Support Mode (SSH access) on an ESXi host.

~ # vim-cmd hostsvc/stop_remote_tsm

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