Back in December, I created a VTMN document - How to browse the internal vSphere APIs which shows you how to access some of the undocumented vSphere API properties and methods. This was done prior to vSphere 4.1 release, but by looking at the python SDK stubs located on an ESX or ESXi host, you can see some of the some of the upcoming features that would eventually be released in vSphere 4.1.

Here is a look at some of these features found in the vSphere 4.0 SDK stubs:

Features known:

vim.version.drs Distributed Resource Scheduler
vim.version.dvs Distributed Virtual Switch
vim.version.ft Fault Tolerance
vim.version.ipv6 IPv6

Features eventually known:

vim.version.iorm I/O Resource Management what is now known as Storage I/O Control or SIOC

Features unknown:

vim.version.fed Unknown - (Federation?) Unknown - (Related properties in API referenced Linked Clones)
vim.version.logan Unknown - (Related properties in API referenced MediaAnalysisManager
vim.version.policy Unknown - (Rrelated properties in API referenced PolicyManager
vim.version.svm Unknown - (Rrelated properties in API referenced svmVmxDiskCopy)
vim.version.uber Unknown

Now, looking at vSphere 4.1 SDK stubs, I noticed a slew of new "potential" features that VMware is or maybe working on:

vim.version.cvp - ?unknown? (Client Virtualization Platform? below are properties and methods associated with this feature)

  • SetDisplayTopologyModes
  • VirtualMachinePowerPolicyPowerMode
  • VirtualMachinePowerPolicyCpuMode
  • requestedReplicationCanBeDeferred
  • userAllowedToDeferReplication
  • policyCacheLifetime - ?device? (below are properties and methods associated with this feature which seem to be related to FCoE support with vSphere)

  • DiscoverFcoeHbas
  • FcoeConfigFcoeSpecification
  • removeFcoeHba
  • userAllowedToDeferReplication

vim.version.h20 - (unknown, but related properties in API referenced PropertyProviderManager)

  • InternalPropertyProviderManager

vim.version.hbr - ?unknown? (Host Based Replication? below are properties and methods associated with this feature)

  • hostBasedReplicationSupported

vim.version.vcp - ?unknown? (VM Component Protection? below are properties and methods associated with this feature)

  • ClusterVmComponentProtectionSettings
  • ClusterVmComponentProtectionSettingsFtVmReaction

What you see here are not just string text found in the SDK stubs, these features are actually implemented in the current release of vSphere 4.1. Though undocumented, if you can reverse engineer where these methods and properties are located, you can actually execute them.

Here is an example of executing discoverFcoeHbas method via the MOB which is part of the Host's StorageSystem:

I am no fortune teller, but I suspect we may see some of these features much sooner than later 😉

2 thoughts on “Upcoming vSphere.Next Features Hinted in vSphere 4.1 APIs?

  1. Host Based Replication is part of (5?), they talked about this at VMworld, it will reduce the dependency on strict SAN -> SAN replication for SRM, among other things.

Thanks for the comment!