I am very honored to be part of the Top 25 VMware Bloggers, a contest that was held by Eric Siebert who runs the well known vSphere-land website. This took me by surprised as I just recently started blogging and virtuallyGhetto is only 4months old. This year there was a total of 115 blogs that were on the ballot and a total of 860 votes. You can check out the full list above or watch the top 25 countdown in a very special episode of vChat Episode 8 with Eric Siebert, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and special guest John Troyer

I wanted to thank Eric for all his hard work for setting up the contest and tallying up all the votes! I also would like to thank all my readers and followers who voted and supported me! I hope to continue to share great scripts and content with the community.

Congratulations to all the top 25 bloggers and to other bloggers who made the top 100 list. Keep up the great work and content!

If you are interested in following the Top 25 VMware Bloggers on twitter, Raymon Epping has created twitter list that you can follow here: http://twitter.com/repping/vmware-top25-2010

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4 thoughts on “woohoo virtuallyGhetto is #25 on Top 25 VMware Bloggers!

  1. Congratulation William! It’s your high quality content/scripts that made a difference. Keep the momentum and make top 5 next year. 🙂


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