15 thoughts on “How to identify the origin of a vSphere login?

  1. very useful info, thank you.

    Hopefully VMware will see this post and recognize how time consuming it is to trace a simple user login to an originating IP address. That kind of thing should not be difficult, I think its ridiculous!

    Come on VMware make your logging better, think security!

  2. @Sherwyn,

    When I use a less privileged account, I just get a blank page. Are you using an admin account or a custom one? If you’re still having issues, it might be your connection to your vSphere environment. This will either work or not work

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  5. Very helpful in fixing one of my customer issue! There was a session running for a VMware VI Client/4.0.0, this sessions kept respawning and I had to uninstall a vSphere client 4.x clients.

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