Check out the latest update to ghettoVCB. This release is primarily focused on providing more detailed information both before and during the backup process. In the past, there were certain caveats that may cause a VM/VMDK to not back up and required multiple iterations through a thread to resolve the issue. Hopefully, now with the additional information, it will help users quickly identify potential issues in their environment that may impact their backups and ease in the troubleshooting process

Here is a list of what's new:


  • Enhanced "dryrun" details including configuration and/or VMDK(s) issues
    • Warning messages about physical RDM and Independent VMDK(s)
    • Warning messages about VMs with existing snapshots
  • New storage debugging details
    • Datastore details both pre and post backups
    • Datstore blocksize miss-match warnings
  • Quick email status summary is now included in the title of the email, this allows a user to quickly verify whether a backup was successful or had complete/partial failure without having to go through the logs.
  • Updated ghettoVCB documentation
  • ghettoVCB going forward will now be version tracked via github and previous releases will also be available for download


  • Updated absolute sym link path for RSYNC_LINK variable to relative path
  • Enhanced logging and details on warning/error messages

Here's a quick look at some of the details exposed during the "dryrun" process to help identify which VMs may have issues before the backup even take place:

Big thanks to Alain Spineux and his contributions to the ghettoVCB script and helping with debugging and testing.

Hope you enjoy this maintenance release, if you have any issues or feedback, please post them in the ghettoVCB group.

One thought on “New ghettoVCB maintenance release

  1. what does this error mean ?

    2015-05-28 21:50:05 — info: Initiate backup for Tarkin
    2015-05-28 21:50:05 — info: WARNING: A physical RDM “/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/Tarkin/Tarkin-000001.vmdk” was found for Tarkin IPA, which will not be backed up
    2015-05-28 21:50:07 — info: Backup Duration: 2 Seconds
    2015-05-28 21:50:07 — info: ERROR: Unable to backup Tarkin due to error in VMDK backup!

Thanks for the comment!

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