There was a question about in one of my previous articles HBR (Host Based Replication) CLI for SRM 5 on whether there were any new/updates to the SRM 5 APIs. There are no official VMware SRM SDK's today as far as I know that can be consumed by toolkits such as PowerCLI, vSphere SDK for Perl, VI Java, etc. There is however an SRM Web Services API that can be used and has existed since the early days of SRM 1.0 as noted here in the documentation. Users that would like to use this API would need to create their own language bindings (stubs) based on WSDL (Web Services Description Language) provided by VMware.

Here are the list of available operations in the SRM 1.0 API:

  • SrmLogin
  • SrmLogout
  • GetApiVersion
  • ListRecoveryPlans
  • RecoveryPlanSettings
  • RecoveryPlanStart
  • RecoveryPlanPause
  • RecoveryPlanResume
  • RecoveryPlanCancel
  • RecoveryPlanAnswerPrompt
  • GetFinalStatus

In the SRM 5 API, there are 33 new operations not including the existing ones from 1.0:

  • ListProtectionGroups
  • ListInventoryMappings
  • GetInfo
  • GetPeer
  • ListProtectedVms
  • ListProtectedDatastores
  • ListAssociatedVms
  • GetProtectionState
  • ProtectionGroupListRecoveryPlans
  • ProtectionGroupQueryVmProtection
  • ProtectVms
  • UnprotectVms
  • AssociateVms
  • UnassociateVms
  • GetTasks
  • IsComplete
  • GetProtectionStatus
  • ListPlans
  • GetHistory
  • RecoveryPlanGetInfo
  • RecoveryPlanGetPeer
  • Start
  • Cancel
  • ListPrompts
  • AnswerPrompt
  • GetResultCount
  • GetRecoveryResult
  • GetResultLength
  • RetrieveStatus
  • RetrieveContent
  • SrmLoginLocale
  • SrmLoginSites
  • SrmLogoutLocale

During the SRM 5 beta, I did not see an updated API documents but I suspect the details and the implementation of these new operations will be available when SRM 5 is GA (generally available).

In the meantime, if you are on the SRM 5 beta and would like to get more details, you can retrieve the WSDL in several ways.

The first option is view the WSDL from your web browser by pointing it to your SRM server using the following URL: http://[srm-hostname]:8096/srm.wsdl

Note: Make a note of the URL protocol, it actually does not support HTTPS, but just normal HTTP when retrieving the WSDL

The second option is to browse the filesystem of the SRM server and the WSDL file can be found under the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\www

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