Awhile back I wrote about an resxtop bug found in vMA 4.1 in which it no longer functions with vMA's vi-fastpass component and still requires you to provide the username and password even though vi-fastpass has been initialized for a given target. There was also a slight quirk when using esxcli and vi-fastpass, in which you had to specify in addition the --server of your ESX(i) host which allowed you to utilize vi-fastpass.

With the latest release of vMA 5, both of these issues have now been resolved for both ESXi 5 and ESX(i) 4.x. I would highly recommend you download the latest version if you would like to make use the vi-fastpass component in vMA.

Here is an example of using vi-fastpass with resxtop:

[email protected]:~> vifptarget -s
[email protected]1:~[]> resxtop

Here is an example of using vi-fastpass with esxcli:

[email protected]:~> vifptarget -s
[email protected]:~[]> esxcli

2 thoughts on “vi-fastpass esxcli and resxtop bug resolved in vMA 5

  1. Can you confirm, that if you update the vMA appliance to the latest version Build 724898 the behaviour that you need to specify –server for esxcli commands. With vMA in the default version Build 472630 this Problem does not occure.

    Thank you

Thanks for the comment!