I finally got a chance to finish up the documentation on some of the new feature enhancements and bug fixes for both ghettoVCB and ghettoVCB-restore this weekend. One of the biggest change is both ghettoVCB and ghettoVCB-restore are now bundled together and ghettoVCB-restore is now being version controlled on github just like ghettoVCB. This has been on the backlog for awhile and I am sorry it took this long to get implemented.

Here are the release notes for the enhancement/fixes for both ghettoVCB + ghettoVCB-restore. Hope you enjoy these updates and if you have any issues, please report them on the ghettoVCB VMTN group.



  • ghettoVCB & ghettoVCB-restore is now packaged together and both scripts are versioned on github
  • ESXi 5 firewall check for email port (Check FAQ #33 for more details)
  • New EMAIL_DELAY_INTERVAL netcat variable to control slow SMTP servers
  • ADAPTER_TYPE (buslogic,lsilogic,ide) no longer need to manually specified, script will auto-detect based on VMDK descriptor file
  • Using symlink -f parameter for quicker unlink/re-link for RSYNC use case
  • Updated documentation, including NFS issues (Check FAQ #19 for more details including new VMware KB 1035332 article)


  • vSphere 4.1 Update 2 introduced new vim-cmd snapshot.remove param, this has now been updated in script to detect this new param change


  • Support for ESX(i) 5.0
  • Combined ghettoVCB + ghettoVCB-restore scripts
  • ghettoVCB-restore is now versioned on github

6 thoughts on “ghettoVCB + ghettoVCB-restore Updates

  1. Thank you for this nice backupscript. seems to work very well. i have found 2 things that might be interessting for you.
    1: if you want to send the email log file over a windows smtp server you need to add the -C (Carriage return left feed)flag for nc. found at line ~1122
    2: the script does not shake hands with the server, but instead with itself.
    you need to change at line ~1088 $(hostname -s) to ${EMAIL_SERVER} and all works well.

  2. William, I made some tests with your script running on a VCLI interface (easier scripting, multiple hosts backup, etc.) and it worked very well on 4.1 and 5.0. Until I discovered VCLI functions are read-only for the free version, so no snapshots and disk copies were allowed. Probably a bug on 4.1 and 5.0 plain versions let me run all ghettoVCB functions until I needed to patch them…

    I was planning to send the script to you, but, after all, it depends on a license bug on ESXi. If you have commercial ESXi, it may work well.

  3. If ever I get in touch with stmicroelectronics distributors, I might get the connectors needed for the pc and move forward to my github. I’m becoming curious with this ghettoVCB.

  4. Great script 🙂 – I did have some problems getting mail to work when hitting a postfix smtp server. I did a dirty hack, with a “sleep 1” until the “DATA” line

Thanks for the comment!