A week ago, I ran a simple contest to give a way a free copy of  Automating vSphere with vCenter Orchestrator Book. To enter the contest, you just had leave a comment with 5 things you wish or hope to automate using vCenter Orchestrator. I am happy to announce the winner of Cody Bunch's new book is Chris Greer! Congratulations Chris!

Chris's comment was the following:

1). I would like to put a web ui in front of the request process for a vm.
2). I want to call out to other services like request tracker via their rest interface
3). I want to automate vcloud director with automated task like license tracking
4). I want to automate network appliances like load balancers and firewalls when deploying specific templates (like web servers)
5). I want to be able to kick off vco workflows via a soap/rest call to extend current scripts
Bonus: I'd love to configure SRM but I don't think it's integrated yet.

Chris, hopefully the new Automating vSphere with vCenter Orchestrator book will help you accomplish these tasks!

Thank you to those who enter and if you did not win, you should still go and grab a copy of Cody's book (available in Kindle and paper back format) and learn how easy it is to leverage vCO in your vSphere environment.

Thanks for the comment!

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