I was pinged by a few folks asking if my #NotSupported session that I presented at VMworld US would be available online, so here is the slide deck to my vInception presentation.

I would also like to thank everyone that attended my session! I had a lot of fun and hopefully you did too!  

UPDATE: I just realized the livestream recording videos are online, but they are not very clear. Apologies for that. I heard the better records from the vBrownbag crew should be up shortly, so once those are up, I will replace them on the site.

Part 1:

Watch live streaming video from vmwarecommunitytv at livestream.com

Part 2:

4 thoughts on “vInception #NotSupported Slides Posted

  1. Great session – thanks for putting it together and sharing. I enjoyed it and the thinking about the use cases + possibilities.

    • @Marco Broeken,

      I believe so, but not sure what to present yet. If there’s something that you are interested, feel free to drop some suggestions.

Thanks for the comment!