If you followed my previous two articles Configuring Additional Windows vSphere Web Client 5.1 Servers & Configuring Additional VCSA 5.1 as vSphere Web Client Servers I demonstrated how easy it is to add additional vSphere Web Client Servers to provide additional connection load balancing as well as redundancy in accessing your vSphere 5.1 environment. The next logical step is to actually place a load balancer in front of all the vSphere Client Servers to provide a single entry point for users to connect to.

I did a quick search for some load balancer solutions for testing, but found that they were quite complex and non-intuitive to setup. Since this was for my home lab, I decided to try out the new vCloud Networking & Security 5.1 (previously known as vShield). This being my first time setting up a load balancer (usually a task given to Network Engineers), I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at how easy it was to deploy and configure a load balancer using the new vCloud Networking and Security. Instead of going through this step by step, I thought I record a quick video.

The video below shows how you can leverage the new vCloud Networking & Security 5.1 to deploy and configure a Load Balancer to load balance multiple vSphere Web Client Servers.

If you have not tried out the new vCloud Networking and Security, I highly recommend you give it a try, especially with all the new network and security features in the latest 5.1 release.

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