The results for the Top 25 Virtualization Blogs was just posted a few days ago by Eric Siebert of and I am very proud and honored to announce that virtuallyGhetto has moved up from last year's #8 spot to the #6 spot on the list! I am also very honored that virtuallyGhetto was also voted as the #1 scripting blog! This was quite a surprise to me especially when you are up against guys like Alan Renouf and Luc Dekens.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Eric for all of the time and effort he has put into setting up the site and tallying up all the votes, this is not an easy task. I would also like to thank all of my readers for voting and for your continued support. Finally, I would like to congratulate all the bloggers and give a special shout out to some of the new guys who made the top 25 this year like Michael Webster, Chris Wahl and of course the Storage Guru himself and my good colleague Cormac Hogan! Congratulations guys! I am really humbled to be part of such a talented and passionate community, there is no other like it!

I do not want to spoil the results, so be sure to watch the special vChat results episode and visits Eric's site for the full list.

Thanks for the comment!

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