If vSphere Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) is deployed in your environment and you change the IP Address of the vCenter Server, VIN will no longer function even after a reboot. The reason for this is that when VIN first registers with the vCenter Server, information is generated and stored within VIN such as the IP Address as well as security thumbprint. Since the IP Address of the vCenter Server has changed, we simply just need to re-register VIN with the vCenter Extension vService.

In my lab I have VIN deployed and connected to a vCenter Server (note the IP Address

I then update the vCenter Server's IP Address to which will break communication with VIN. To resolve this, start off by shutting down the VIN appliance. Once it is shutdown, edit the settings and click on "Manage->vServices" and at the bottom click on the Edit button. Next change the Provider drop down to "No Provider" and then click OK.

Now we will reset the Provider back to the vCenter Extension vService by going through the same workflow again but now selecting "vCenter Extension vService" as the provider.

You will also notice at the bottom there is a validation message and you should also see the new IP Address of your vCenter Server. Once you are done, click OK to save the settings and then power back on your VIN appliance. Once VIN is up, connect to the vSphere Web Client and you should be able to see your VIN data again!

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