A hobby of mine when I am not playing with VMware technologies and such is riding on my road bike. I was pleasently surprise to find out this week that my VMware cycling kit has finally arrived! The cycling kit was designed by small group of VMware employees in their free time and Scott Jobe has been managing all the orders and logistics for the past few years. When I had first joined VMware and heard about this, I had just missed the deadline for submitting my order. This year, I made sure to keep an eye out once the new kits were available for order. With a holiday this week, I took my new kit out for a spin and it fits and looks great. I even dropped by our office for a quick picture 🙂

I would like to thank Scott and the team for putting all of this together, I know it took a lot of time including the re-makes, but I am sure everyone is enjoying their new VMware kits! Thank you!

Here are some additional pictures of the items I had purchased. All the clothing were custom printed by Louis Garneau.

Jersey (front & back)

Vest (front & back)

  Bib (front & back)

Arm Warmers & Gloves

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