Steve Jin recently wrote an article about vCenter Orchestrator REST APIs: Executing Workflow which reminded me of an interesting issue that I had faced several months back. I had just finished developing a custom workflow on a beta version of vCenter Orchestrator and of course one of the challenges with using early software is that it could be unstable. I was unable login to the vCO interface via vSphere Web Client or the vCO Client to export my workflow through the regular UI interface. I tried everything and I thought I might have lost my workflow!

I reached out to one of the vCO engineers and asked if there was an easy way to recover my workflow and it turns out there was a very simple method IF the vCO REST API endpoint is still accessible, which it was. To test this, you can either use cURL on the command-line or your favorite REST Client for your browser and perform a GET operation on the following URL (replace the URL with the URL of your vCO Server):

Note: The vCO REST API is only available starting with vSphere 5.1

If the command was successful, you should see a list of all the workflows in your vCO Server:

I am not aware of any filtering that can be done to narrow down the specific vCO Workflow, but if you are using a browser-based REST Client, you can just search for the name of your workflow. In the above example, I am interested in the "Change Guest OS Type" workflow and you can see its corresponding vCO Workflow ID which is highlighted.

To export and save the vCO Workflow to your local system, you just need to perform a GET operation on the vCO Workflow URL and specify "Accept:application/zip" for the request header which will allow you to save the vCO workflow.

Here is an example using cURL to export the  vCO Workflow and save to a file called ChangeGuestOS.workflow:

curl -i -k -u vcoadmin -H "Accept:application/zip" -X GET -o ChangeGuestOS.workflow

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