I was recently using RVC (Ruby vSphere Console) to setup one of my VSAN lab environments and I had noticed that in the SPBM namespace, that you could create and delete a VM Storage Policy, but you could not rename an existing one. The great thing about RVC is that it is very extensible and I thought it would be useful to have a spbm.profile_rename command, so I decided to build it!

The management of VM Storage Policies is performed through the SPBM API and there is a method called PbmUpdate() which allows you to rename an existing VM Storage Policy. In my environment, I exclusively use the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) and in the /root directory, you should see a .rvc directory. To extend the SPBM namepace, you just need to create a new file called spbm.rb which should contain the following snippet of code:

Once you have saved the file, you can now connect to RVC and you should see a new command called spbm.profile_rename which takes an existing VM Storage Policy and the new name of the policy.

Here is an example of what that would look like where I have a VM Storage Policy called "Platinum" and I want to rename it to "Adamantium":

spbm.profile_rename localhost/Datacenter/storage/vmprofiles/Platinum/ Adamantium

Thanks for the comment!

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