I noticed there was a new blog post this morning from Wade Holmes on an update to the VSAN HCL and I thought it might be useful to provide some quick stats on all the partners who have supported components listed on the VSAN HCL such as the storage controllers, SSDs and MDs. As of today (06/13/14), the information below is the latest from the VSAN HCL. I will make adjustments to the Google doc as updates are made to the VSAN HCL.

Disclaimer: The VMware VSAN HCL should still be used as the official source when selecting components for your VSAN environment.

Total VSAN Storage Controllers: 89
GDoc for All VSAN Controllers - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FHnGAHdQdCbmNJMyze-bmpTZ3cMjKrwLtda1Ry32bAQ

Vendor Controllers
Cisco 2
Dell 5
Fujitsu 11
HP 7
Intel 18
LSI 37
SuperMicro 3

Note: If you would like to help contribute to the "Community" VSAN storage controller queue depth list, please take a look at this article for more details.

Total VSAN SSDs: 110
GDoc for All VSAN SSDs - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FHnGAHdQdCbmNJMyze-bmpTZ3cMjKrwLtda1Ry32bAQ/edit#gid=858526558

Vendor SSDs
Cisco 5
Dell 15
Fujitsu 4
Fusion-IO 15
Hitachi 9
HP 15
Intel 12
Micron 7
Samsung 3
SanDisk 6
Virident Systems 5

Total VSAN MDs: 97
GDoc for All VSAN MDs - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FHnGAHdQdCbmNJMyze-bmpTZ3cMjKrwLtda1Ry32bAQ/edit#gid=1993745998 

Vendor MDs
Cisco 8
Dell 20
Fujitsu 13
Hitachi 1
HP 19
IBM 20
Lenovo 3
Seagate 13

3 thoughts on “Quick stats for the VSAN HCL

  1. So… I’m very crazy…

    I want to build a utility cluster with 15 Mac minis with their SSD and 16GB of RAM and thinking this might be a nice application of vSAN.

    How feasible is this?

    • Definitely possible, there are folks using Mac Minis today for VSAN. Just note, that Mac Mini’s are not an officially supported HW platform for ESXi

  2. William, Was PERC H310 controller removed from HCL recently? Our test bed was setup based on HCL and I remember it was listed.

Thanks for the comment!