As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance), not only for its ease of deployment and setup but also the fact that I can easily automate the entire deployment in just under a couple of minutes. I have written about this topic in the past using the vpxd_servicecfg command to automate both VCSA 5.0 and VCSA 5.1. I figured it was probably a good idea to update this for latest VCSA 5.5 which includes several new enhancements to vpxd_servicecfg command such as the VMware Customer Experience Improve Program configuration (vTelemtry) among other options that you can explore by simply running the vpxd_servicecfg on the VCSA.

The other reason I wanted to update this for the latest VCSA 5.5 is that I was working with Engineering last week on a project and several of them did not know about this capability of being able to automate the VCSA configuration. Instead of providing them with the raw commands, I thought I would create an updated script that can be shared with the community so that others could also benefit from it. Lastly, I also did this for myself as I deploy a large amount of VCSA for all sorts of testing that I am doing on a regular basis and this would allow me to quickly speed up my deployment by simply going to my own blog 🙂

Below is a shell script that contains several variables that can be edited based on your environment setup and you can run this script over SSH using something like: ssh [email protected][VCSA-IP] <


3 thoughts on “Automating VCSA 5.5 Configurations including SSO Administrator password

  1. This is great. Can you add things like setting inventory service size to medium, add AD as identity source & set it as default?

    • Did you mean the JVM memory settings?

      Java max memory target modes:
      read : will read settings, in MB
      write : will test and save settings, in MB

      Java max memory options for write/test:
      [tomcat_memsize] [is_memsize] [sps_memsize]
      tomcat_memsize – maximum heap size for the Tomcat JVM in megabytes
      is_memsize – maximum heap size for the Inventory service JVM in megabytes
      sps_memsize – maximum heap size for the SPS service JVM in megabytes

      Adding AD Identity Source in SSO is not available through any programmatic/CLI interfaces, due to the SSO Admin APIs not being available, you’ll still need to do this by hand

  2. Excellent Info. I will try this at home lab. Currently running VC as a virtual machine (Server 2012 R2). Will make necessary changes to the script to fit my environment and deploy during this weekend.


Thanks for the comment!