As promised, here is a new script called that I have put together after learning about a couple new VCSA automation tips here and here. This script will fully automate the configuration of a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 5.5 and once the script has completed, you will have a fully functional vCenter Server Appliance. There are several variables at the top of the script that you will want to edit prior to running the script.

Here is a summary of the high level operations the script is performing and not all operations will be performed, it will depend on the variables that you have configured.

  • Accept EULA
  • vSphere Inventory Size Configuration
  • Active Directory Configuration (optional)
  • DNS Search Domain Configuration
  • NTP Configuration
  • vCenter Server Database Configuration
  • vSphere SSO Configuration
  • vSphere SSO Identity Source Configuration for Active Directory (optional)
  • Active Directory default Identity Source Configuration (optional)
  • VMware Telemtry Configuration (optional)

To run the script, you can either SCP the script to a newly deployed VCSA and run it locally in the shell or remotely via SSH using the following command:

ssh [email protected][VC-IP] <

I almost never go through a manual configuration of the VCSA anymore (since 5.0) as it just takes way too long! Hopefully you will find this script handy when needing to quickly test something or automating the deployment of a few dozen VCSA which I know of a few customers that are doing on a regular basis 🙂

8 thoughts on “Completely automating vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 5.5 Configurations

  1. Did I miss the shell or something that I missed (it has been a while) I wanted to test this internally and I changed the permissions on the script(chmod 777 on the vcsa. I ran it (from a temp folder ./ and getting an error message”

    : command not found
    : command not found
    : command not found
    line 31 Syntax error near unexpected token
    line 32 etc…

    It has been a while, so not sure if I missed something or not.



  2. Have you had any luck automating any of this with vcsa 6.0? It looks like vmware changed a lot of the vpxd_servicecfg functionality.

Thanks for the comment!

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