18 thoughts on “Custom Attributes != vSphere Tags

  1. Many thanks for this, it completely clarifies the distinction and capability for these similar managed object types… Agreed that the ubiquitous tags should be extended so that they allow value(s)* to to be stored against managed objects – that would provide some serious power for us automators out there!

    * Note that being able to store many values for an object/tag combination could also be useful.

    • my apologies for the “≈” typo…I have some questions on another mechanism for associating custom attributes with a VM–using the VM config advanced option (extra config) where [key, value] pairs can be added (VM needs to be powered off if entered via vSphere Web Client). My questions are 1) how does this mechanism compare to the two discussed in this article? 2) does vSphere 6.0 continue to provide API support for user to define these extra config as VM an advanced config option? Thanks!

  2. Looking at the VS6 administration guide, the permissions hierarchy shows “tag category” and “tags” as descendant of the global root. That is like someone likes your suggestion of assigning permissions to tags!

  3. Hi William. Thanks for the excellent and informative article.

    I’ve been reading through the vSphere API documentation for vSphere 5.5, and I haven’t actually found a way to interact with attributes via the API. Is this something that’s limited to vSphere 6.0? Am I just missing something? I’d appreciate any guidance you could offer.

  4. Is this correct? I was able to add custom attribute to a datastore through both mob and vim api.

    “Custom Attributes allows you to specify custom “keys” associated with either a Virtual Machine or an ESXi host object, which are the only supported objects”

  5. I have vSphere Client 6.5. I need to add some Tags and Categories. I don’t see the New Category button. How do I get that to appear?

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