A frequent question that I get asked from customers and new developers that are looking to get started with VMware Automation is what CLIs (command-line interfaces) or SDKs (programing/scripting specific languages) are available for them to use? I know it is not always easy to find out what is available on the VMware.com website and some times I even have trouble browsing for all the right information as it is located in many different places. I figure it would be helpful not only for myself but also for others if I put together a list of the various VMware CLIs, SDKs and even some of the new DevOps Tools that VMware has been working on that are available to our customers/developers and partners. I have also included a couple of community tools that I think are pretty interesting. If there are others that you think I should add to the list, feel free and leave a comment.

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list of every single VMware product/toolkit as there are many many more, including gated SDKs specifically for our partner eco-system. For more details on those API/SDKs, be sure to check out the VMware Developer Center.

UPDATE (4/20) - VMware now has an Open Source page on Github http://vmware.github.io/

VMware Cloud Native Apps:

VMware DevOps Tools:

vCloud Air:

vCloud Director:


vRealize Management Suite:

VMware Community Tools:

One thought on “List of VMware CLIs, SDKs & DevOps Tools

  1. Many devops Engineer use CloudMunch, It can also plugin various devops templates such as:

    Mesos Marathon Template
    Continuous ALM Insights
    Multiple Containers using Jenkins
    You can also use built in CloudMunch DevOps Templates
    There are many Available Free Templates.

    Even Adobe uses CloudMunch, You can find more about it here

Thanks for the comment!