Here are some new VOBs in vSphere 6.0 that I recently came across which can be useful on getting notified on specific events such failed login attempts in ESXi or detecting a device has gone offline in VSAN as some examples. These VOBs can be used to create vCenter Server alarms to take various actions such as a simple UI notification in the vSphere Web/C# Client to sending an email or SNMP trap regarding the event. For more information on how create vCenter Server alarms using VOBs, please take a look at these two articles here and here which also includes a comprehensive list of past vSphere VOBs in vSphere 5.5 which are still applicable in vSphere 6.0.

General vSphere 6.0 VOBs

VOB ID VOB Description
esx.audit.account.locked Remote access for an ESXi local user account has been locked temporarilly due to multiple failed login attempts.
esx.audit.account.loginfailures Multiple remote login failures detected for an ESXi local user account. Rebooting host through esxcli
esx.audit.lockdownmode.exceptions.changed List of lockdown exception users has been changed.
esx.problem.coredump.copyspace The free space available in default coredump copy location is insufficient to copy new coredumps.
esx.problem.coredump.extraction.failed.nospace The given partition has insufficient amount of free space to extract the coredump. No expiry time on offered DHCP lease.
esx.problem.pageretire.selectedbutnotretired.high Number of host physical memory pages that have been selected for retirement but could not yet be retired is high.
esx.problem.swap.systemSwap.isPDL.cannot.remove System swap at path {1} was affected by the PDL of its datastore and was removed. System swap has been reconfigured.
esx.problem.swap.systemSwap.isPDL.removed.reconfig.failure System swap at path {1} was affected by the PDL of its datastore. It was removed but the subsequent reconfiguration failed.
esx.problem.vmfs.ats.incompatibility.detected Multi-extent ATS-only VMFS Volume unable to use ATS
esx.problem.vmfs.lockmode.inconsistency.detected Inconsistent VMFS lockmode detected.
esx.problem.vmfs.spanned.lockmode.inconsistency.detected Inconsistent VMFS lockmode detected on spanned volume.
esx.problem.vmfs.spanstate.incompatibility.detected Incompatible VMFS span state detected.
esx.vFlash.VFlashResourceCapacityExtendedEvent vFlash resource capacity is extended
vprob.vmfs.heartbeat.corruptondisk VMFS Heartbeat Corruption Detected


VOB ID VOB Description Virtual SAN virtual NIC has been added. Virtual SAN network configuration has been removed.
esx.problem.vob.vsan.dom.lsefixed Virtual SAN detected and fixed a medium error on disk.
esx.problem.vob.vsan.dom.nospaceduringresync Resync encountered no space error
esx.problem.vob.vsan.lsom.disklimit2 Failed to add disk to disk group.
esx.problem.vsan.dom.init.failed.status Virtual SAN Distributed Object Manager failed to initialize
vprob.vob.vsan.pdl.offline Virtual SAN device has gone offline.

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