I just saw a nice list of VMworld sessions that was shared internally by Ben Corrie, an Engineer working in our Cloud Native Apps team at VMware on some of the VMworld sessions related to Cloud Native Apps, Containers & Docker. I figure I would share his list with a wider audience for those interested and I have also included session proposals by both VMware Employees as well as from our partners which you can find below.

I am personally excited for session 5229 - Docker and Fargo: Exploding the Linux Container Host which will be presented by both Ben & George Hicken if it gets accepted. I was fortunate enough to catch a demo of this internal project at our R&D Innovation Offsite (RADIO) last week and I think folks will be blown away with some of the work that has been done in this area. I can not say anymore other than to vote for this session and any others that you might be interested in! If there are other sessions, please let me know and I will update the list.

I had to also thrown in a shameless plug at the very bottom of this post on three of the sessions that I have submitted for VMworld this year. Hope you find them interesting to vote for and hope to see you all at VMworld!

VMware Submitted Sessions (14)

Session # Session Title
4590 Hypervisors vs. Containers - Wait That's the Wrong Question!
4600 An Interesting Application Software Based on Docker
4725 Scalable On-Demand Cloud Native Apps with Docker and Mesos
4767 Seven Things vSphere Admins Need to Know About Photon Lightwave and Containers
4853 Docker Containers on vSphere: Performance Deep Dive
4940 CIS Benchmark Compliance for Docker - Automated with VMware
5006 Monitoring Software Containers with vRealize Operations
5121 Containers as a Service with vRealize Automation and VMware Project Photon
5229 Docker and Fargo: Exploding the Linux Container Host
5266 Docker in the Real World: Tales Round the Campfire
5343 Rapid and Continuous Delivery Through Docker Container and VMware Cloud Technologies
5409 Migration of Docker Based Applications across Clouds
5627 How Do You Manage and Monetize the Docker Deployments as Containers Not VMs to Groups in Your Organization Using Your Existing vRealize Suite?
5860 Containers without Compromise: Providing Persistent Storage for Docker Containers using vSphere

Partner Submitted Sessions (8)

Session # Session Title
4742 Understanding Databases for Distributed Containerized Applications
5078 Back to the Future: What Current Container Trends Mean for the Future of Application Deployment
5321 Building Container Infrastructure for Enterprise Applications with Docker VMware Photon and vSphere
5494 TOSCA: Containers Microservices OpenStack and Orchestrating the Whole Symphony
5520 Containers on VMware Infrastructure
5907 Taming Containerized Workloads with Photon and Tectonic
6081 Are You Prepared to Contain the Container? Understand the Security and Compliance Considerations for Application Containers
6126 Containers VMs and Microservices Walk into a Bar.....

William Lam Submitted Sessions (3)

Session # Session Title
4528 vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Best Practices & Tips/Tricks
5106 Content Library
5278 VC Windows to VCSA Migration Fling Deep Dive

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