After publishing my last article around the topic of Automating SSO Admin configurations using some simple LDAP commands which is applicable for both vSphere 5.5 and 6.0. It was pointed out to me by my buddy G. Blair Fritz who works over in our GSS Organization that another handy operation to share with customers is the ability to easily and quickly change an SSO Administrator password across multiple Platform Services Controllers (PSC). This is especially important for customers who have a password rotation policy set fourth by their Security team which most Enterprise customers have and are require to update their admin passwords every N-number of days.

Though you will not be able to query for an existing SSO Administrator's password (it is encrypted), you can however modify the password and this will require you to provide a valid SSO Administrator's account to connect with. To modify an LDAP entry, we will need to first create a file that contains the change, in the example here we are going to name it change.ldif and it should contain the following where the "replace" keyword shows which property is getting modified and the next line after shows the value that it will be changed to. Make sure to also replace the dc=vghetto with the name of your SSO Site Name

dn: cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=vghetto,dc=local
changetype: modify
replace: userpassword
userpassword: VMware1!

To apply the change, we will now run the following ldapmodify command and specifying our change.ldif configuration file:

/opt/likewise/bin/ldapmodify -f change.ldif -h -D "cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=vghetto,dc=local" -w 'VMware1!!'

The really nice thing about this is that you can quickly change the password for your SSO Administrators across multiple Platform Services Controller and across multiple SSO Domains with a couple slight modifications to the command. How cool is that!? Thanks to Blair for sharing this awesome tidbit!

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