I am sure many of you are probably anxious to get your hands on the new VMFork aka Instant Clone PowerCLI Extensions Fling that was recently released! While using the Instant Clone cmdlets to help provide feedback and improvements, I have found that I spent the majority of my time on developing and fine-tuning the pre and post-customization scripts. Instead of having others hit similar issues that I ran into, I wanted to see how I could easily share some of the leanings but also incorporate collaboration?

After thinking about this for a bit, I realized this was a great opportunity to create a community Github repository of Instant Clone customization scripts that anyone can either use and/or contribute back to. I have already added a few OS customization scripts to the repo to start with like ESXi 6.0, Ubuntu 14.x and VMware Photon. To access the repository, simply visit https://github.com/lamw/vmfork-community-customization-scripts

The Instant Clone community customization script repository is broken up by series of OS directories which contain the relevent set of pre/post-customization scripts for that OS and any additional scripts that might be required. It may also contain further instructions on how to use the script as well as an example "driver" script which calls into the Instant Clone cmdlets demonstrating how to use the scripts.

Here is an example for ESXi 6.0 OS:

├── post-esxi60.sh
├── pre-esxi60.sh
├── prep-esxi60.sh
└── vmfork-esxi60.ps1

For those that wish to contribute back, just fork the repository and send me a pull request. I am really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with!

Thanks for the comment!

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