For those of you who recently updated to Chrome 45, which apparently I did as well or more likely it automatically did it for me. You may have noticed that the Client Integration Plugin (CIP) for the vSphere Web Client no longer function when you try to upload an OVA or trying to use the Windows Session Authentication feature. The latest release of Chrome has now completely disabled NPAPI support, but luckily there is a simple fix.

You simply just need to download and install the following new version of the CIP package for either Windows or Mac OS X and you will be able to restore the functionality that you once had which no longer relies on NPAPI. This fix applies to both a vSphere 6.0 and vSphere 6.0 Update 1 environment which I was able to test myself as I have both deployed. If you are still having issues after installing the update, make sure you clear your browser cache as the old plugin may still be cached. Some folks had to perform a reboot, especially if you have more than one user on the system which could still have existing running processes.

UPDATE (10/27/15) - For customers running vSphere 5.5.x, the NPAPI fix has just been released as part vCenter Server 5.5 Update 3a. The fix includes both a server side and client side component. This means to apply the fix, you MUST update BOTH the vCenter Server as well as the updated CIP which is provided when logging into the vSphere Web Client. For vSphere 5.0/5.1 customers, the only work around is by following this VMware KB 2114800.

I want to give a big shoutout to my buddy Blair who shared this KB with me as I was having issues after the Chrome update.

Client Integration Plugin for Windows:

Client Integration Plugin for Mac OS X

You can also find more details noted in this VMware KB 2130672. For vSphere 5.5 customers, a back port is currently being worked on but there is currently not an ETA. When is it released, the KB will be updated and you can subscribe to it for the announcement.

39 thoughts on “Quick Tip - Fix for CIP no longer functioning in vSphere Web Client after Chrome 45 update

    • That’s correct, vSphere Web Client is also not officially supported on Linux (though it’ll work if you use Chromium, but you won’t get certain functionality as CIP is not available)

    • webmks is for the console which doesn’t use NPAPI, it’s HTML5 based VMRC. This is only for CIP functionality like upload ISO/OVA and I don’t believe this is applicable to VCD

  1. VMRC on my Mac has been flaky too after last upgrade or couple upgrades. To be honest it seems I have to go back and forth between Chrome and Firefox and Mac and Windows everytime some browser update comes out. I hope eventually all this settle down.

      • Actually, I guess this is only a solution for customers running virtual center 6.0 and we are still on 5.5 and do not appear to have a fix. At this point the option for us is to install a previous version of chrome and disable automatic updates.

          • Can you check to see if you have any vmware-csd processes that might still be running? If so, it could still be loading the old library. You shouldn’t need a reboot but in case you haven’t tried that to ensure that’s all cleared

          • I did reboot and same issue. Frustrating 🙁 We are looking forward and testing our first possible VSAN deployment with v6, but with stuff breaking every browser update it’s very concerning.

          • Jeff,

            It is indeed frustrating and sorry to hear this your experience. I’ve pinged some folks internally to see if they have any other suggestions but I would recommend to you and others who are still having problems after updating to this version of CIP to file an SR, just so we can track it to full resolution. I can confirm that you do not need to be on vSphere 6.0 Update 1 to get the fix, I just installed CIP on another environment (Windows) which is running VCSA 6.0.

            Out of curiosity, what is the platform of your vCenter Server and build of vSphere? as well as your client desktop? This might be helpful to include in the SR

          • I am running 2012R2. All latest patches and all vcenter latest patches. MacBook is all latest patches too. I will will try to look some more as well. I really want the web client to succeed!

  2. Interesting that this version (both Mac and Win) appear to hang at the “Installing certificates and starting service…” where no previous version did. Eventually it’ll succeed, but it takes between a couple to a few minutes.

  3. vmware its the most EXPENSIVE software i ever use, and now you need, the thick client to do some thing, the web client for other things,non on al browser work, not working client for linux and more stuff like that……. man they really really want us to use another product . . . .

    • 100% agree. They really have botched this whole thing. I just don’t get it. vCenter has been a mess since 5

    • HOW ?? I have been trying to get this fixed for days. I can get the page that says install or upgrade. But the Install button does nothing. Clicking upgrade brings up a pop up. Clicking Install in IE does work, just not chrome.

  4. I’m on 5.5 update 3b and the latest integration client doesn’t work in chrome, IE11 or Firefox. For a software company, VMware sure does mess up the basics pretty consistently. Figure out a better way of doing all this. Maybe return to focusing on the vSphere Client? Something that always worked pretty well until VMware decided to abandon it and now there are features spread between the two front ends that don’t have counterparts on the other. What a mess this product has become. Sorry, I’m really bitter that it doesn’t work.

  5. Same here in my environment as mentioned in “bluscreened” post. Since the update on 5.5 3b was applied the client integration plugin is broken. I tried the all the solutions above (including the vmware kb) but nothing changed, no matter which browser I use.
    I even tried Opera and Safari on my Windows 7 Client. It is pretty poor for a company like VMware. Looks like the only solution is updating to 6.0 U1. Until then it looks like we have to use the Fatclient when deploying OVAs etc. Hopefully this will be stable then and not broken again in 6.1 or what ever the release is called…

  6. And same here… This thing is now permanently broken on my Mac and I’m running 6.0U1 and the latest CIP for Mac. it just doesn’t work in either Chrome or Firefox. I just can’t believe how VMware just cannot get this fixed. I’m truly sad to say that after about 10 years of investing my time and knowledge in vSphere (and VI before that), I’m starting to reach a point at where it’s just not worth it anymore. VMware have been sitting on their virtual laurels for too long and the “rot” has started to set in and by the looks of it, no one in management cares enough anymore to deliver the high quality software that we were used to in the past. It’s all talk now. This whole fragmented (and broken on top of that) web/fat client business may well be the straw that will break the camel’s back.
    The last 6 years or so I’ve been following up closely on Hyper-V and with 2012R2 that is now a pretty solid choice and things are only getting better with 2016’s introduction of NanoServer. Finally a footprint that is even smaller than ESXi and boots 20 times as fast!!
    Sorry William to vent out on your blog, it’s definitely nothing against you, really appreciate all the knowledge you’ve shared over the years!

  7. Patched my VCSA to 6.0U2 and ALL of the macs in our office stopped working 10.11 in chrome and firefox no CIP issue
    Working around by using fusion pro as a client to push out OVA’s

    Royal Pain

  8. Same problem here. vCenter CIP 6.0.0 on Mac OS X (El Capitan) won’t work in Chrome 50. VMware better deliver that HTML5 interface soon.

  9. Hi William, what is the latest scoop on CIP for 6.0 U3c is it suppose to be supported/working? I thought it has been deprecated due to NPAPI not supported by latest browser but I got confuse on your article that there is CIP that does not use NPAPI. I know 6.5 has the new Enhance Authentication plugin as their answer but I did not think 5.5 or 6.0 has an answer to CIP issue. My users just want to use “Use Session Host Authentication” as the end goal what do you recommend?

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