4 thoughts on “Applying Custom Attributes beyond just Host & Virtual Machine Objects

  1. Will,

    Any update on tagging via the api? Either read or both read and write? We are attempting to use pyvmomi and unable to find a way to successfully access tags.

    Jeff Couch

      • I know this is an old thread, but is there still no documented way of doing this through Web Services?
        Seems like VMWare keeps making new APIs for things that should work just fine in Web Services if they were documented as experimental/subject-to-change (instant cloning is another example of this, it actually looks like it’s implemented in WS given the python fling).


        • Kevin,

          I’m not sure what you mean by “still no documented way of doing this through Web Services?” … have you looked at the sample code above? It is literally using the vSphere Web Services API (SOAP), it just happens that I’m using the PowerCLI SDK to exercise the API, you can use ANY of the vSphere SDKs to do what I’m demonstrating above.

Thanks for the comment!

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