Thanks to Duncan Epping who shared the awesome news the other day in which ALL VMworld US 2016 sessions are now freely available to the general public regardless if you attended VMworld or not! This is definitely fantastic news and kudos not only to the VMworld team for doing this but also having it done right after a US holiday. To access the playback videos, you simply just need to register at Once you have done that, you will be taken to the page shown below with all the VMworld sessions since 2010.

UPDATE: With a bit more hacking around, I have now also created a second list of all the VMworld sessions with their respective download URLs. Please have a look at the Github repo for more info

Although the site allows you to search and filter the content, I personally prefer just a simple list of the titles and direct playback URLs. In the past, I have scraped the VMworld site to build such a list and figure I do the same this year. Luckily, this year it was not as difficult as it was in the past as it looks like some of the data is JSON encoded which makes it trivial to parse into the format I want.

With that, I have published all 539 sessions with direct links to the playback URLs on the following Github project: which you can easily bookmark and hopefully allow Google to also index for searchability in the future. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Direct playback & download URLs for all VMworld US 2016 sessions

  1. Thanks a lot William for doing this.

    To download all videos very easily I used Firefox with DownThemAll! extension. One thing to have in mind is to use mask *text*.*ext*.


  2. That’s great Wil, it’s really useful. About Youtube, I’m not sure it’ll be indicized since they named the session with unintellegible names…

  3. Hi William, Suddenly today Sunday, we have lost our Github permissions (Failed – Forbidden). Also Mediasite have added Download button with zip behind it downloads which is much slower process!

  4. time saver, its great to see all in at one place. Thanks for the pointers. I am also seeing forbidden permissions error for some of the links, hope we get updated links. Again, thanks for the direct links.

  5. This is my experience so far:
    1. I ran Alan Renouf’s powershell script against the site on Sunday and out of 544 mp4’s it downloaded just 99 of them with all the remainder links broken?
    2. Since William and Alan provided the very useful URLs and scripts, Mediasite might have moved things around since then?
    3. Mediasite have updated the sessions downloads at You can download the zips vis the “Download” button, unzip and find the mp4 in the content folder.

    Maybe if William could update the “” as he has the permissions the automated download scripts may again work?

    What do you think William?………………. just guessing at this stage 🙂

  6. Doh!, I did not read Williams Update below:

    UPDATE: With a bit more hacking around, I have now also created a second list of all the VMworld sessions with their respective download URLs. Please have a look at the Github repo for more info

    I’ll try the new download URLs this evening.

  7. Folks – Over the weekend, it looks like there were some changes from Mediasite that broke the original download URLs which is why some of you were seeing 403’s. I’ve just updated the Github repo with the new URLs, which so far have been solid for those who have downloaded all the content. Please give that a try and if you’re interested in downloading this using a script, both a shell script and PowerShell script is available on the Github repo. Please have a look there for more info

  8. Being scripting novice is there a nice way to replace the special characters in the session name like ? and ! so the filenames do not end up like E17P03~5.MP4?

  9. the raw downloads seems to need another update. Getting a bunch of 403 errors again, some are working. but most are not.

    • I think I know what’s going on and right now, I may need to re-build the URLs as the way I’m retrieving it is with a specific playback key. I’ve just updated the repo, so the links should be good again. A more perm solution isn’t as user friendly, but its the best I can do now. So this may continue to happen …

      There’s a few folks who’ve mirrored the content, such as Timo: So if you want to just download it from another consistent source, that’s one I would recommend.

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