It looks like the announcement for general availability for vSphere 6.5 was published a bit earlier than expected. However, it is true that vSphere 6.5 has GA'ed and you can now download it! Below is a nice aggregated list of all the relevant release notes, documentation and download links related to the GA of vSphere 6.5.

I have also created a short URL which you can access this exact same page using

Enjoy and happy vSphere'ing 6.5 😀

Release Notes:



29 thoughts on “All vSphere 6.5 release notes & download links

  1. Do I see it right that it is not possible to upgrade Enterprise Plus 6.x licenses to 6.5 without paying for an upgrade?!?

  2. Hello Deas,
    There is no need to upgrade your licenses from 6.0 to 6.5 from my vmware portal. 6.0 licenses can also apply to 6.5. you can think like 6.x.

  3. When UPGRADING your current VCSA6.0 to VCSA6.5 you need to specify a new VM. in my case that is not an upgrade but a more or less start from beginning and import your ESX hosts after that.

  4. Is the new H5 client supported with vCenter 6.0? How can I install the H5 client only and “point” it to an existing vCenter instance? Thanks.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Although I am not a vmware specialist, but I find it handy for network lab virtualisation.

  6. How do we update the H5 client with the latest Fling? SSHing to the vCSA and doing ./installer-2.14.0.bsx seems like it might not be the best idea, especially since I don’t see the vsphere-h5-client-2.13.0-4616630.noarch rpm.

Thanks for the comment!