In Part 4, we are now going to shift our attention to a very important topic which often gets overlooked and is also usually one of the culprits for many infrastructure issues. What am I referring to? Time Synchronization! You would not believe the number of times that I hear about an issue (not always VMware-related) and after looking into it, the issue was because the user did not have proper time synchronization configured or worse, it was not even running at all. I will agree, it is not always the easiest thing to check for and sometimes there may not even be an API to use, which makes it that much more difficult. Lets see how we can verify our time settings using the new VAMI APIs.

VAMI UI Area of Focus


  • GET /appliance/system/time
  • GET /appliance/techpreview/timesync
  • GET /appliance/techpreview/ntp

PowerCLI Function

Sample Output

With this function, not only can you verify that you have NTP configured and it is up and running, but you can also easily get the current system time and compare that with the rest of your other infrastructure to ensure the VCSA/PSC is not time drifting. Historically, to be able to retrieve this information, you normally had to login via SSH and run a couple commands on the Shell and just imagine if you needed to do this across all of your vSphere environments?

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