In Part 5, we are now going to have a look at networking section of the VAMI UI.

VAMI UI Area of Focus

In the Networking tab, under the "Manage" sub-tab, you can find details about the system Hostname (PNID), DNS servers as well as the configurations for each network interface (in the case of a VCHA deployment, you would have more than one network interface configured).


  • GET /appliance/networking/dns/hostname
  • GET /appliance/networking/dns/servers
  • GET /appliance/networking/interfaces
  • GET /appliance/techpreview/networking/ipv4

PowerCLI Function

Sample Output

This sample script only retrieves IPv4 networking information, but you can easily retrieve IPv6 information by calling into the IPv6 VAMI API endpoints which you can refer to the documentation or the API Explorer for more details.

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