VMware has just released a new web-based tool that will enable customers to easily view and compare product configuration maximums across different VMware product versions. You can access the easy to remember URL by going to: https://configmax.vmware.com

In this first release of this tool, customers will have the ability to look up configuration maximums for vSphere (includes VSAN) which will initially support vSphere 6.0, vSphere 6.5, vSphere 6.5 Update 1 & the recently released vSphere 6.7 as well as comparing across versions. To view the existing vSphere configuration maximum, simply click on the "Get Started" button.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you now have a single place where you can view the vSphere configuration maximums across different versions. Once you have selected the target version, you can either view all maximums or you can selectively choose the sections you are interested in.

The other really neat feature is the ability to compare the configuration maximums across different vSphere versions. This is really useful for customers to be able to quickly tell what improvements and enhancements have been made, especially as customers plan for vSphere upgrades. To begin, simply click on the "Compare Limits" button at the top. Next, select  the target vSphere version and then you can add one or more versions to compare against.

Once you click on the Compare button, a new window will popup providing you the comparison between the target and selected vSphere versions. You can quickly see how the maximums have changed across these vSphere versions. You can even export the results to Excel by click on export option on the upper right hand corner and you be prompted to save a CSV file.

I can tell you, this definitely beats having to manually Google for the correct vSphere configuration maximum document since I can never remember the long URL to the static PDF documents! I am excited to see the improved user experience when consuming our product maximums and I know the team will be working on adding more products and features in the future. Definitely keep an eye on this site and also be sure to update your bookmarks. If you have any feedback or things you would like to see, feel free to leave a comment and I will make sure it reaches the Product and Development teams.

One thought on “New VMware Configuration Maximum Tool

  1. Hi William,

    this is definitely a step into the right direction! But what I would really like to see is that each product has a builtin function to show current usage in your own environment against config maximums of the product. Just like in NSX-v 6.4 with the new system scale function.
    Would be cool if you could bring this to the product managers attention.


Thanks for the comment!

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