Today, the vCenter REST (vSphere Automation) APIs currently does not support the use of VM Storage Policies when relocating (vMotion, Cross Datacenter vMotion & Storage vMotion) or cloning an existing Virtual Machine. Customers have provided feedback that this is something that they would like to see get added to the current REST APIs and while this is being looked at, there were a couple of open questions from Engineering.

The following 2-question survey below is to help us understand what the "default" behavior should be when a Virtual Machine is being relocated or cloned within a vCenter Server and a VM Storage Policy is NOT specified when using the APIs. The reason for this is that our existing APIs for relocate and clone today are very flexible and not everything needs to be specified as part of the relocate or clone API specification. However, due to this flexibility, you may observe different behaviors and we would like to understand what the default behavior should be when some of these paraemters are not specified. In the case where you want to be explicit, you can always specify the VM Storage Policy, but the survey is to understand when it is not specified.


Thank you  for taking the time to provide your feedback, this will help us build an easy and robust API when dealing with relocate and clone operations using the vCenter REST APIs.

Thanks for the comment!

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