Quick Tip - How do I tell if NSX-V or NSX-T is installed?

This question came up last week asking for a programmatic method to identify whether NSX-V or NSX-T is deployed in your environment. With NSX-V, vCenter Server is a requirement but for NSX-T, vCenter Server is not a requirement, especially for multi-hypervisor support. In this post, I will assume for NSX-T deployments, you have configured a […]

vGhetto Automated Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Lab Deployment 

While working on my Getting started with VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) blog series awhile back, one of the things I was also working on was some automation to help build out the required infrastructure NSX-T (Manager, Controller & Edge), Nested ESXi hosts configured with VSAN for the Compute vSphere Cluster and Pivotal Ops Manager. This was […]

Getting started with VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Part 4: Ops Manager & BOSH

In this article, we will begin our PKS installation by deploying Pivotal Ops Manager which provides a management interface (UI/API) for Cloud/Platform Operators to manage the complete lifecycle of both BOSH and PKS from install, patch and upgrade. In addition, you can also deploy new application services using Ops Manager Tiles like adding an Enterprise-class Container […]

Getting started with VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Part 3: NSX-T

In this article, we are now going to start configuring NSX-T so that it will be ready for us to install PKS and consume the networking and security services provided by NSX-T. The result is that PKS can deliver on demand provisioning of all NSX-T components: Container Network Interface (CNI), NSX-T Container Plugin (NCP) POD, […]

ESXi host with network redundancy using NSX-T and only 2 pNICs?

In todays data centers, it is not uncommon to find servers with only 2 x 10GbE network interfaces, this is especially true with the rise of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure over the last several years. For customers looking to deploy NSX-T with ESXi, there is an important physical network constraint to be aware of which is quickly mentioned in […]