Getting started with VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Part 7: Harbor

Now that we have a functional PKS deployment, an optional but very useful add-on to deploy and integrate with PKS is the VMware Harbor solution. Harbor is an Enterprise-class container registry that customers can run within their own Datacenter to securely store and provide access to container images used by their development teams. The process of […]

Using PowerCLI & vSAN Management API to list VMs w/Thick VM swap

Earlier this year, I had put together a Python script using the vSAN Management API to help customers easily identify Virtual Machines which have Thick VM swap while running on vSAN. You can find the full details in Duncan’s blog post here. The reason I had chosen Python over something like PowerCLI, which I frequently […]

VMware Validated Design (VVD) & VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Quick References

The other day, I had a customer ask about the latest version of the Ports and Protocols document that was put together by the VMware Validated Design (VVD) team which does a fantastic job of outlining all the connectivity between the products used within the VVD SDDC. It actually took me awhile to find after realizing it was posted on […]

Exclusive vGhetto discount on homelab hardware from MITXPC

On a regular basis I already receive a number of inquires from both internal VMware folks as well as external partners and customers about VMware homelabs and the type of hardware that can be used. After demo’ing our recent USB to SDDC project, the requests have literally tripled! Most folks are generally inquiring BOM details and/or where to […]