Introducing Alexa to a few more VMware APIs

Over the weekend, while taking a break from putting together some furniture as it was my time for my daughters nap, I got that the chance to explore and create a new Alexa Skill which integrates with a few of VMware’s APIs. This has been something I wanted to try out for some time but have not […]

Automating post-configurations for both PSC & VCSA 6.0u1 using appliancesh

In vSphere 6.0, we introduced a new command-line option to allow you to automate both the deployment and upgrade of a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) and Platform Services Controller (PSC) using a simple JSON configuration file. This has been a very popular request from customers and one that I have been asking for some time now and was glad to see […]

How to upgrade from VCSA 5.x & 6.x to VCSA 6.0 Update 1?

I have seen quite a few questions come in on how to properly upgrade from an existing vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 5.x and/or 6.x environment to the latest vSphere 6.0 Update 1 which was just released today. Before I jump straight into the process, I think its worth covering on how updates (patches) and upgrades have traditionally been […]

How to finally inject OVF properties into VCSA when deploying directly onto ESXi?

One of my biggest pet peeve when it comes to deploying the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) and other OVF/OVA directly onto an ESXi host is the lack of OVF property support. If you have deployed the VCSA before, you are probably aware of the different user experience when deploying to a vCenter Server versus deploying […]

Quick Tip - Configuring HTTP proxy for VAMI via CLI

An HTTP Proxy is commonly used by customers who do not have direct internet access from within their datacenter to either upload logs or download patches from a particular website. I recently had to configure this within our environment to ensure we could patch against the external repository as we also have the same restriction […]