Translating vSAN VM Object IDs (UUID to VM and VM to UUID)

I was working on one of my vSAN Clusters a few weeks back and I had noticed a bunch of vSAN Objects being listed under the “Other” category within the vSAN Virtual Objects Health view as shown in the screenshot below. I could not figure out what files or VMs these vSAN objects were actually […]

Cool Docker Container for VMware Utilities

Last week during lunch I learned about a cool little project that my colleague Alan Renouf was working on in his spare time at night. He was interested in learning more about Docker and thought the best way to learn about something new was by using it, which is normally how I learn as well. […]

List of VMware CLIs, SDKs & DevOps Tools

A frequent question that I get asked from customers and new developers that are looking to get started with VMware Automation is what CLIs (command-line interfaces) or SDKs (programing/scripting specific languages) are available for them to use? I know it is not always easy to find out what is available on the website and […]

Whitepaper: Migrating From VIX API to the vSphere Guest Operations API

The VMware VIX API in my opinion is still one of the most powerful and undervalued API’s that is available to customers and partners for Virtual Machine guest operating system Automation. The VIX API allows you to perform guest operations such as starting/stopping an application, file/directory manipulation, uploading/downloading files all within the guest operating system […]