How To Backup & Restore Free ESXi Host Configuration

ESXi host configurations can easily be backed up and restored using either the vCLI’s vicfg-cfgbackup or PowerCLI’s Get-VMHostFirmware cmdlet. These commands along with others that perform “write” operations are only supported when you have a (paid) licensed version of ESXi. If you are using free ESXi, the remote commands are only available for “read-only” operations. […]

New Updates for ghettoVCB & ghettoVCB-restore

I know it has taken me awhile, but I finally found some time over the last week and half to go through my entire backlog of bugs, issues, feature requests, etc. and have updated both my ghettoVCB and ghettoVCB-restore script. Here is a quick summary of the new enhancements in this release: ghettoVCB & ghettoVCB-restore […]