Feedback on default behavior for VM Storage Policy

Today, the vCenter REST (vSphere Automation) APIs currently does not support the use of VM Storage Policies when relocating (vMotion, Cross Datacenter vMotion & Storage vMotion) or cloning an existing Virtual Machine. Customers have provided feedback that this is something that they would like to see get added to the current REST APIs and while […]

How to properly clone a Nested ESXi VM?

I often hear from users that they would like to be able to just clone from an existing Nested ESXi VM that has already been configured and just create additional Nested ESXi VM instances from that. For me personally, I do not have a use case for this since I just deploy additional ESXi instances […]

VM Provisioning on Datastore Clusters in vSphere 5

Last year I wrote an article called Automating Storage DRS & Datastore Cluster Management in vSphere 5 and I provided a pretty comprehensive vSphere SDK for Perl script to help administrators automate Storage DRS configurations. These past few months I have noticed an increase in interest on the VMTN developer forums relating to Storage DRS. […]