New VMware Configuration Maximum Tool

VMware has just released a new web-based tool that will enable customers to easily view and compare product configuration maximums across different VMware product versions. You can access the easy to remember URL by going to: In this first release of this tool, customers will have the ability to look up configuration maximums for vSphere (includes VSAN) […]

VSAN vCheck Plugins

After creating my VSAN Configuration Maximum query script I thought it would also be useful to create an equivalent set of VSAN vCheck Plugins. For those of you who have not heard of or used vCheck (pretty rare unless you do not use PowerShell/PowerCLI in your environment), it is a PowerShell reporting HTML framework created […]

VSAN Configuration Maximum Query Script

In addition to the vSphere Web Client, a great way to further explore VSAN in greater depth is by leveraging RVC and the new VSAN namespace on the command-line. If you have not played with the new the VSAN commands in RVC, Florian Grehl has written a fantastic series that is worth checking out here. […]