New Nested ESXi 6.x Content Library 

A few years back I had showed how you could create and host your own 3rd Party vSphere Content Library which allows customers to decouple their content from the underlying vSphere environment and centralizing their content and making it available to number of vCenter Servers by simply just having an HTTP(s) endpoint. The other huge benefit is being […]

Hidden OVF 2.0 capablity found in the vSphere Content Library

There are a number of new and useful capabilities that have been introduced in the OVF 2.0 specification. One such capability which I thought was really interesting and that could easily benefit VMware-based solutions is the ScaleOutSection feature. This feature allows you specify the number of instances of a given Virtual Appliance to instantiate at deployment time by making use of […]

Content Library Tech Preview at VMworld Europe 2015

For those of you who were fortunate enough to attend the Content Library Technical Deep Dive session (#5106) at VMworld Europe several weeks back and stayed until the very end, you were treated to an exclusive sneak peak demo. The demo was well received from what I heard, especially having been one of the most popular feature requests […]